Raphael Glucksmann

Political strategist, civil society activist and international campaigner. As a student in the French school of political sciences, he has created an international NGO (Studies without borders) that led him to the region (starting in Chechnya). Political analyst and correspondent for several European papers, he has realized several documentary films for the French Public TV on Russia, the colored revolutions and the Caucasus. In 2007, he has joined the Presidential campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy. Offered to become MEP in 2009, he has preferred to go back to Georgia and joined the Saakashvili Administration as the only senior political adviser of the President, coordinating foreign policy and European integration, as well as national and international campaigns.

George Arveladze

Senior political strategist and public opinion researcher. 13 year experience of political leadership, high level public service and political consulting. Former member of the Cabinet of Georgia. Served as a Minister of Economy of Georgia and held the office of the Chief of Staff for President Saakashvili. Was one of the leaders of Georgia's Rose Revolution of 2003. Has an extensive experience in senior political consulting, speechwriting, campaign management, political media production and communications.  Has advised Presidents, Prime Ministers and Ministers internationally. Managed PR campaigns for political parties, candidates and leaders.